Elizabeth Hill

Summary of Work

Ms. Hill is an experienced “Licensed Professional Counselor”, a “National Board for Certified Counselors” “Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor” and Certified Addictions Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the mental health and substance abuse counseling field. She is trained in and provides individual, family, and group, counseling services. She has post -graduate training in community mental health, Juvenile Drug Court, traumatic stress treatment, crisis intervention, adolescent development, and substance abuse prevention and education. She is trained in a full range of psychotherapy treatment modalities and diagnostic tools including but not limited to: “Motivational Interviewing”, the ASAM/ASI, Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, and Crisis intervention. She also has experience in program development and quality assurance.


Employment History:

Maria Den Braven Center

Amman, Jordan

Clinical Mental Health Therapist

Ms. Hill provides mental health services in an outpatient facility. Ms. Hill has an unrestricted “Licensed Professional Counselor” license and provides services for children, adolescents, individuals, groups, and families. Her client base is multicultural multiracial. She provides intake services, using a wide variety of assessment tools and measures. She provides direct client services, and referrals to other medical and behavioral health professionals in the area.



Leidos Inc. 2012-2014

Science Applications International Corporation 2004-2012

Vilseck High School, Vilseck, Germany

Grafenwoehr Middle School, Grafenwoehr, Germany

David G. Farragut Middle/High School, Rota, Spain

Adolescent Support and Counseling Service

Ms. Hill provided up to intensive outpatient treatment services to individuals aged 12-18 and their families.  Her client base was multicultural. She also facilitated treatment, prevention, skills building, and parent support groups. She completed intake assessments using several assessment tools including the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria to determine the appropriate level of care. She collaborated with clients to write comprehensive treatment plans.  She worked with the medical community for placement of individuals who are assessed as needing a level of care that is unavailable in the community or are experiencing an acute crisis. She provided early intervention services for “children of alcoholics”.  Client progress was assessed weekly using an “Outcome Rating Scale” on which a client records their perception of their progress and a “Session Rating Scale” that helps to identify strengths and areas that need strengthening in the counseling relationship. Ms. Hill participated in weekly (or as needed) clinical consultations.

Prevention and Education services include “skills development groups”, such anger and anxiety management skills, sleep hygiene, social and relationship skills. Additional education services provided included suicide awareness training, and classroom lectures that increase drug awareness, drug refusal skills, bullying awareness and prevention skills. Ms. Hill facilitated “deployment and transitions” groups, and “life skills training” services.  She provided workshops and “in-service” training for teachers and other behavioral health care providers. She facilitated “Parent Support Groups”, and “Parent information sessions”, and consultations with community organizations.

Identification and referral services included community and command briefings.  Ms. Hill collaborated with Fleet Family Service Center and the Family Advocacy Program to ensure that the needs of the client were met. She participated on a “Student Support Team” to consult with local teachers about interventions that may be effective in modulating classroom behaviors.

Me. Hill facilitated a “Project Trust, Peer Helper” group. Participants in the group were nominated by their peers to be trained in helping skills. Group members trained in helping and conflict resolution skills. They subsequently participated in bi monthly skills reviews sessions. In addition to learning valuable relationship skills, participants earned “Red Cross Volunteer Hours” for participating in community-based events.


Fremont Counseling Service 2001-2004

Fremont County Juvenile Drug Court 2002-2004

Lander, WY 82520

(307) 347-6144

Outpatient Mental Health and Juvenile Drug Court Therapist

As an outpatient Mental Health Therapist and Juvenile Drug Court Therapist, Ms. Hill provided direct clinical services to individuals, families, and groups in an outpatient community mental health setting. She completed bio/psycho/social assessments using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria. Additionally, she used a variety of psychometric instruments to determine an accurate diagnosis and monitor client progress. She provided treatment planning, case management, referral, discharge and reintegration planning services.  She provided clinical services in local and regional schools and in the adult and juvenile detention center. She was responsible for providing crisis intervention services for the county on a scheduled “on call” basis.


University of Maryland University College: 1997-2001, 2013-2014

European Division


Asian Division

Yongsan Education Center


As a lecturer, Ms. Hill was responsible for planning, organizing, and instruction of undergraduate level Psychology courses throughout Europe and Asia.  She supervised students and worked with school administrators and education center staff to provide educational opportunities for individuals who met the enrollment requirements of the University.


Clovis Community College 1991-1996

Clovis, NM

“Clovis Community College Representative at Cannon Air Force Base”

As the “Clovis Community College Representative at Cannon Air Force Base”, Ms. Hill was responsible for coordinating the services that Clovis Community College provided at Cannon Air Force Base. These included direct student services and coordination of services with the Education Services Officer and other colleges and Universities.


Community College of the Air Force 1988-1991

Norvenich Air Force Base

Kerpen, Germany

As the CCAF Assistant Education Officer, Ms. Hill was responsible for the administration and operation of a geographically remote education office. She developed yearly course schedules, coordinated classrooms and support services for instructors. Ms. Hill also coordinated testing for CLEP, ACT/PEP, and DANTES testing services.  She supervised field representatives for the University of Maryland and the “City College of Chicago”.



Ft. Collins High School Diploma 1978

Ft. Collins, Colorado


The University of South Carolina, Associates of Arts 1986

Sumter, SC


The University of South Carolina, Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies 1987

Columbia, SC


Eastern New Mexico University, Master of Arts, Psychology: Counseling 1996


Bowie State University: 9sh post graduate 2012-2013

Adelphi, MD


Licenses and certifications:

Licensed Professional Counselor: Wyoming #836

Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor: #262661

National Board for Certified Counselors

Greensboro, NC 27403-3660

Certified Substance Abuse Specialist: C-4478

American Academy of health care providers in the Addictive Disorders

Over five hundred hours of continuing education units.


Honors: Invited Scholar

Northwest Polytechnical University

Xian, China


Self published books:

Helping through Divorce

Norah Becomes a Sister

Jill’s Journey